MIMR Gig Guide: November


Zombie Zombie w/Inland Taipan @Soup Kitchen

Clint Boon Set 2 Go feat. Not Hot Ashes, The Jade Assembly, Tourist Attractions, Liam Mcclair + more @Sound Control


Crosa Rosa w/Darma @The Castle

Las Kellies w/Blooms + Sprinters @Night and Day Cafe


Traams @Aatma

False Advertising + Horsebeach (Co-Headline) w/NARCS and Thing @Soup Kitchen


Man and The Echo w/Sugarmen @Soup Kitchen


MIMR Presents The Psychomotors w/ SlowHandClap + Edits @Aatma

Hannah Lou Clark w/Peaks @Night and Day Cafe


Hinds @Academy 2

Sewage Farm (ft Sam Forrest from Nine Black Alps) @Night and Day Cafe

MIMR Daily Tunes No.35: Dirty Saint ‘Monkey’

Another Manchester band that has come to my attention and ready to hit the heights are Rock n Rollers Dirty Saint with this being their latest endeavour ‘Monkey’

With origins on the other side of the world with both Dave and Tom starting the band up in Auckland, NZ, they are now a fully fledged Rock quartet, permanetly residing in our good old city of Manchester.

Thrills a plenty can be seeked on this track, striking riffs, catchy lyrics and all together fun and care-free delivery, a recipe for wild times indeed. 

With a headline show at Manchester Ritz last month already under the belts, it’s safe to say that these guys are going to tear it up wherever they land. 

Don’t slip up here folks, spread the love and be a saint!

Check the track out here:

All other info can be found here:


MIMR Gig Gallery @ACP Festival 2016: Sunday

The Sunday of this year’s festival was pretty special too and included many top acts that have featured on the blog this year.

Here are the best bits from Sunday.


The Castle


Soup Kitchen

Glass Ankle

Mint Lounge

Fish Tank

Night and Day Cafe


Mint Lounge


Mint Lounge

Freakout Honey

The Castle

MIMR Gig Gallery @ACP Festival 2016: Saturday

Finally its here, a final round up from this years ACP Festival in Manchester’s Northern quarter from many of the great bands who played over the weekend.

These are the highlights from Saturday’s acts, they’re were many!
Twin Visions

57 Thomas Street


Soup Kitchen


Soup Kitchen

Strange Friends

57 Thomas Street

Colour Of Spring

Crown & Kettle

Suggested Friends

Crown & Kettle

Bearfoot Beware

Soup Kitchen


Soup Kitchen

Patty Hearst

57 Thomas Street

No Ditching

57 Thomas Street

MIMR Band Chat @ACP Festival 2016: Psyblings

​Psych-rockers Psyblings have stormed their way onto the blog over recent months, sweeping all-comers aside with their brash, noisey and gripping sound. Throw into the mix their rip-rawing live shows, taking Manchester by storm and its safe to say that the 5 piece’s crusade is at full throttle.

I spoke to Greg from the band ahead of their show at ACP festival in Manchester this weekend
MIMR: Welcome once again to the blog Psyblings. How has the last few months been for the band? bit of a whirlwind i bet!
Greg: Cheers for having us again! It’s been a whirlwind like the rest of the year, but slowly coming together. We’ve started working with a few people towards our next release and thinking of how to follow up ‘Where’s Your Moon?’, which we had a really mad release for at Night & Day not long ago. We’re looking at a brand new set and a brand new outlook and it’s all looking far harder, bigger and faster and stronger (I think that’s the order it goes in) for next year, especially as we’ve relocated now and have our own space downstairs, which someone else before us seems to have already christened ‘Casa Da C**t’ so hey oh… it seems to have been written.

MIMR: What can we look forward to from Psyblings in the near future then?
Greg: We’re looking at our next single, as well as a whole new set. The point now is to move forward and hopefully make a bigger noise than we have before. Loads of new sounds and colours and a much larger output. I think we’re probably at the most driven we’ve been since starting and now basically want to push to make next year our year. We’ll also probably eat a lot of crisps and that too. But mainly music.

MIMR: You must be chuffed to be on the bill for ACP Festival this year, where are you playing and what can we expect from your show?
Greg: We reeeeaalllyy are. ACPF was one of our main priorities to get on this year having already done Dot to Dot and Psych Fest, so we really feel like we’ve made far more of an impact than first expected. We’ll be on at The Mint Lounge which is a new venue to us and we’ll have a lot of new tracks and new pants and all sorts from 9PM on the Sunday night. I’m just generally ready to bum its head in right after Songs Of Praise.  Not been this excited for a show in a while.
MIMR: What’s been your favourite live show to date? if it’s possible to choose one.

Greg: On a personal level I’m going to have to say the single release a few months back. It was our first D.I.Y show as PSYBLINGS and one of the largest audiences we’ve ever managed to pull. The Viola tributes were a pleasure to be a part of and getting to open up for acts like The Coral and sharing a stage with the boys in Hidden Charms was incredible, but I think purely based on the reaction we got, stage invasions and most importantly, the general connection with the people that came along, friends, family and fans, it was definitely the single release. Hopefully we’ll top it next time…
MIMR: Will you be checking out any other bands at ACP and if so which ones would you recommend?

Greg: I think a few of us could be there all weekend. A lot of my favorite bands are there, particularly Allusondrugs. I remember first seeing them at 2000 trees and thinking ‘OH SHIT’ about 250 times in a row. These guys are nutters and have some of the weirdest hooks and lyrics I’ve ever heard while never making anything less than complete sense and it’s one of my favorite factors that we’re on the same stage as them despite us being the day after. I’d also thoroughly recommend Shitwife who we found in the annals of the internet and The Orielles are good if you like it surf-ey. There’s just mega bands everywhere and it’s lovely to be a part of.

MIMR: Its been great to have you guys return to MIMR, have a great festival. Are you going to be partying hard?
Greg: Always a pleasure. You know where we are.. well you don’t but you can always ask. I can’t speak for the other guys but I might have the odd juice or 2. If you’re really lucky I might even bring my cheeseboard. Just look out for the jalapeno and orange zest one it’s fucking awful. But thanks guys. See you very very soon.
Psyblings play Mint on Sunday at ACP this weekend 21:00

MIMR Review: The Jade Assembly ‘Sundays and Occasional Wednesdays EP’

One of the most hotly-tipped bands to be featured on the blog in recent times are Bolton Indie-rockers The Jade Assembly and the guys have decided to unleash their brand new EP, its a early xmas present..yes i know i mentioned xmas in october!

Out today, the rock n roll quartet have put their entire heart and soul into 4 tracks with great gusto, whistling along with no sign of letting up. This is evident from the get go with MIMR live favourite ‘One Last Time‘ hitting the ground running, John’s strong, powerful vocals leading the way, attached by thumping beats and spine-tingling riffs, its a song to belt your heart to.

Same Time follows on seemlessly with charming indie-rock tones and glowing harmonies, a song thats joyfully reflective and poignant at the same time. The song climaxes with a catchy sing-a-long which can only make you smile.

Huge single Nothing Changes has always been a stand out anthem for the band and its thrilling delivery takes the EP even higher in estimation, a mesemerising journey full of driving guitars and bruising beats that make you breathless by the end.

All good things must come to a end sadly but Soul Diva is the perfect way to sign off. Glistening vocals and heartwarming melodies make for a classic mid-tempo indie song that drifts you off to a cloud 9 state, it’s pretty special feeling.

Sundays and Occassional Wednesdays EP is a record i’d happily listen to on a continuous loop, its a record that rejoices in all that is good with rock n roll that we all love.

Oh go on then, for all time sake….JADE ARMY!!!!

The EP is available from all known online music platforms (Spotify link is below) Physical copies can be purchased from the band at these upcoming shows.

MIMR Band Chat: Inland Taipan

​Aisling Davis aka Inland Taipan swoops on to MIMR with her haunting yet witty vocals and classic guitar stylings. MIMR witnessed a charming set at a recent show at Manchester’s Night and Day Cafe and MIMR spoke to Aisling about her music and her love of Gravy

MIMR: Welcome to MIMR, let’s start with how Inland Taipan came about and was it clear from the beginning what musical direction you wanted to take it?

Aisling: Greetings, I hope you’re well!

I had a bunch of songs I wasn’t doing anything with. So Settled on the moniker ‘Inland Taipan’ and thought I’d see where it took me… Usually, its taken me to a bar, or practice room. 

As for the direction, I’m kinda floating through. Songs are often not conventionally structured; they can change quite dramatically depending on performance, and my mood. I’m striving to keep an open mind, become a better musician, and not bore myself. All the while trying to not be a pretentious cunt… treading that fine line, ha!

MIMR: What inspirational people made you want to become a performer? 

Aisling: As a child I sang in a choir, but wanted to act, or be a playwright. ‘Inland Taipan’ probably has elements of all those pursuits. I loved Bowie, Ian Curtis, and Dylan from a young age.  Watched the Distillers at 14, and thought Brody Dalle was cool as fuck. Now I look to performers like PJ Harvey, Natasha Khan, and Kate Bush. 

MIMR: What path has your music taken in 2016 and what plans do you have for the project in the future? 

Aisling: So far 2016 has been a great year for me, and I’ll be recording November/December time. But, mainly watched, listened, and learnt. I’ve grown in confidence in regards to my style of guitar playing, and my lyricism. In the future it would be cool to merge some live art installations with local artists, poets, and musicians. Start something where friends can get cash, or just chill and make stuff. Everyone’s skint, so if we can help each other out, we should. So, if anyone’s reading this, give me a bell you arty pricks. MUST LOVE WARREN ELLIS AND GRAVY. 

MIMR: Having seen you play at Night and Day recently and being impressed with your stage presence as well as the fun you appeared to be having but do you get nervous before gigs? 

Aisling: Thanks very much, that’s appreciated. To be perfectly honest, my stage fright has held me back. I have a great deal of anxiety. My solution has been to mask it by being loud, and probably quite obnoxious. As for fun, that’s always there for the taking. Got to make a few jokes in between songs, the material can be quite heavy at times, and people need respite from that. The incessant chatter of bullshit Dave! That unrelenting and precious commodity, ha, eurf..   

MIMR: What’s been your favourite gig venue you’ve played and why? 

Aisling: Ermm this year, probably ‘Cosmosis’ at Victoria Park with my old band. Loads of friends were working, playing, or just getting messy. The Jesus and Mary Chain were on the main stage, it was great. 

MIMR: Thanks for chatting with MIMR, wish you all the best for the future, come back to the blog very soon. Where can people check out some of your music? 

Aisling: Thanks for having me. Will do! 

So far, I’ve really hated how all my recordings have turned out, but that’s something I’m getting over, need to let things go. Will be working with some cool people later in the year. Until then, readers, reprobates and ragamuffins come to a gig! Ask nicely/ feed me and I’ll play at your house … I may regret saying that, please don’t murder me.